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31) Kerry Lloyd

Canterbury Caledonian Royal Stewart Pipe Band

Christchurch, New Zealand

01 October 2006


I would just like to say what an excellent and informative site for any Drum Major starting out.  I have been the Drum Major of my band for the past four years and here in New Zealand there is not a lot of tutoring happening to help new comers.  We have one weekend a year for all our current D.M.s and new comers to get together to  learn and put to practise their drill, uniform dressing, and a bit of flourishing.  If you are a new comer, there is one bit of advice I would like to offer: personal practise...a lot of D.M.s think its fine to just show up on the day to do their thing.  Nine out of ten look absolutely terrible.  I spend approx  15 hours a week in my local park practising drill, and I am pleased to say it has paid off as I am now the current New Zealand Champion.  So if you aspire to a good D.M. you have to put the work in.


30)  Harry M. Thomas, LCDR

Ontario, Canada



19 April 2006


As a newly appointed Drum Major of a Pipe Band I found this a great resourse for manuals and information.  I have been a Drum Major for Military Style Bands, but this is the first Pipe Band so the information in the manuals is valuable to have a complete understanding of dress and the difference in Mace Drill.



Harry Thomas

Drum Major

49th Fld Rgt Pipes and Drums


29)  John Ferguson


Durango, CO


22 June 2005


Great Site - I need this information desperately.  I have just started as the D/M of the Westwind Pipe Band.


28)  Horst-D. Deckert


Wupper_District, Germany



6 May 2005


I became a drum major in our 1st Wupper District Pipe Band one year ago, after joining the band as a beginning piper.

I learned my first steps in a workshop in Germany with Florian Faust from BAGEV (Bagpipe Association Germany.)


Now that I've found this website I am able to do further steps being better from week to week.


Thanks a lot

27)  Harry E. Wellsman


Parsonfield, ME


12 Apr 2005


I'll look forward to seeing what you have


Dunlap Highland Band


26)  Lance Dahl


Lexington, KY



4 Feb 2005


Excellent resource material.  This will be the first time that I can gather all resources in one source and use verifiable information.  Very good jpegs also.

Keep up the great work


Lance Dahl

Open Bass Drummer/Rhythm Tenor

Kentucky United Pipes and Drums


25)  George Kusel


Wilmington, DE


24 Jan 2005


I am pleased to see a web resource on this topic.  I am especially interested in the duties and signals and performance practices of 18th and 19th century drum and fifes major, although as a leader working in the 20th and 21st centuries doing ceremonial duties in circumstances our predecessors never imagined, I have tried to devise an entire system of signals for modern situations.


24)  Emily Wagner





20 Nov 2004


I've just been named Drum Major of my intergenerational DCI Corps, the Spirit of America.  I was a tuba player, the only female in a line of eight men, for three years and now I'm going to lead the band for the next two seasons.  In 2006, we're going to be going to Korea for world's competition!


All that being said, I'm scared to death and I would love any help, encouragement or advice that you veteran DMs can provide me.  Thanks-



23)  David Rennie


Ottawa, Canada

20 Nov 2004

I served with the Scots Guards from 1973 - 1993, I was a Drummer (Fife & Bugle Player) also an Assault Pioneer and Infantry Soldier, saw active service in Northern Ireland and the Falkland Island in 1982.  I was the last Drum Major with the 2d Bn Scots Guards.  On the Battalion being placed into suspended animation in November 1993, I left the Scots Guards and came to Canada in January 1994.  I joined the Canadian Forces in 1998 and I am at present Drum Major with the Governor General's Footguards in Ottawa Canada.  I have also been one of the DMaj's with the Ceremonial Gd in Ottawa during the Summer months from 1998 to date.  I have taken part in many Military Tattoos and parades both in Canada and the USA.  This site is great, lots of information, great idea.


22)  Gordon Brown


Waipu, New Zealand

15 Nov 2004


I am the Drum Major of the Waipu Highland Pipe Band and have been for the last 2 years.  I have had no experience at all.  I am here to get help from all of you.  The band has 41 playing members and 20 of them are school children.


21)  Mark Tan


Selangor, Malaysia

29 Oct 2004

Sergeant of the 10th Kuala Lumpur Co, Boy's Brigade in Malaysia.

20)  Sgt. Mike Martin


St. Kitts & Nevis

29 Oct 2004

I can't help coming back to this site.  I learn things with each visit.  Here is a recent pic.

19)  Luc Claus


29 Oct 2004


This is just the site we are needing, keep the good work going and when you need something here in Belgium be my guest.


18)  Sgt. Michael Martin


St Kitts & Nevis


29 Oct 2004

Your site is very informative.  The online material will be used as training material for our band, the St. Kitts-Nevis Defence Force Regimental Band.  Excellent!!

17)  Capt Milfred Harper GDS RTD


Ontario, Canada


29 Oct 2004


I have been associated with pipe bands for 38 years now.  I play all the drums, and also a drum major.  When I was sixteen I became involved with the Guards Band along with the local pipe band.  I am a member of the Salvation Army, and would like to see a pipe band come out of this.

Keep up the good work.

D.M. Milfred Harper

16)  Judy McDonald



29 Oct 2004


This is a great website.  My 6 year old nephew would like to be a drum major and we're learning a lot about it here through your website.  Thanks!

15)  Robin Wright




21 Feb 2004


I've been a DM for about a year now, and have looked around for help, and now I've found what I need. 

A much needed site, keep it going it's Great.


14)  Tony Bidgood


Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


04 Feb 2004


Thank you for the invitation to join.  The web site is most professional and useful.  It fills a gap and establishes a much needed professional association.


13)  Don Gregory


Norfolk, VA


28 Jan 2004


Great site, been too long in coming

12)  Michael Agor



27 Jan 2004


Keep on the good work you are doing.


11)  Brenden Vallee


Kingston, Ontario, Canada

21 Jan 2004


Great site!!  I'm happy to see something like this finally come along!!


10)  Rick Empson


Montevideo, Uruguay

07 Jan 2004

Great to find a site like this.  I can use the advise and would love to learn from fellow Drum Majors and share my own experiences.  Keep up the good work!


9)  Florian Faust


Frankfurt, Germany

04 Jan 2004


A very nice homepage with brilliant pics.  It would be nice if there would be a market for DM (second hand and new) staff.


8)  Scott Webb


Auckland, New Zealand

01 Jan 2004


Very professional site.  Looking forward to more reading.  Happy New Year (2004).


7)  Norm MacKenzie


Toronto, ON, Canada

29 Dec 2003


Notice a few signings that are interested in help.  Consider the Drum Major Workshop and Seminar, 9th, 10th, and 11th April, 2004, in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Visit the Calendar of Events


6)  Gary B. Sprinkle


King, NC (Winston-Salem)

28 Dec 2003


Kudos to the webmaster for this site.  I'll be referring to it often.

Yours Aye and Semper Fi!


5)  John MacDonald


Andover Hants, UK



28 Nov 2003


A great beginning to a much needed resource

4)  Iain McGibbon


Toronto, ON, Canada



20 Nov 2003


My compliments on your website.  I wish you the best of luck in your efforts and if I can be of any assistance here in the Toronto area, let me know


3)  Johan M. Skuggeld


Gig Harbor, WA



25 Sep 2003


This website has great information, and I heard that there is more to come - such as movements and flourishing patterns.  I am now a proud member and the welcome I got was simply excellent.  Thank you for all the hard work it takes to maintain such a great site!

Johan Skuggeld - D/M for Port Orchard Police Pipe Band


2)  Corey Huntsucker


Kansas City, MO

20 Jul 2003


Great to find a site like this one.  I have been search for D/M advice.  If anyone can assist with executing the move please contact.  Instructions on the "walk" would be excellent.  Thanx


1)  Ken Hosey


Lynn Haven, FL



29 Jun 2003


Great job!  Please keep in touch, I need all the help I can get with the DM stuff!






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