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Mike Huston

Knoxville Pipes & Drums

Knoxville, TN

Thanks for providing a training video for Scottish Drum Majors.


You are providing a great service to many with the RDMA website and associated items, especially the manuals for all of us. [4 Aug 07]


J.S. Ogden

Oldham Scottish Pipe Band

England, UK

The Manual is a superb guide for anyone taking on the responsibilities of  Drum
Major.   May I thank all those that have taken the trouble to contribute to a very
worthwhile document.   It certainly instills a purpose and  defines the
requirement for positive band leadership. [24 July 07]


Charles Giacomotto

1st Hamrun Pipe Band

Hamrun, Malta


Having logged once to this site, I keep coming again and again.  It is of  a very
good help especially learning to run a band.  The manual is fantastic. [09 Mar 07]

Graham Winters

Alloa Bowmar Pipe Band

Scotland, UK

I have just recently stepped up to Drum Major after slaving away in all three of the drum sections for years.  I have to admit this website has equipped me with a lot of information.  I am still looking for tips and hints though and really need help on some flourishing.  Keep up the good work and ensure this site is available for drummys to come!!



World of Pageantry

worldof pageantry.com


"Subject:  Drum Major - Parade Band


The Regimental Drum Major Association provides a vast amount of resources for the band director and drum major.  The historical background and philosophical information is second to none.  Various military drum major, marching band, and honor guard manuals can be downloaded.  The military manuals include those of the US Air Force, US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, and the Regimental Drum Major Association.  The photographs are spectacular.  This is the most complete and informative website for the parade band director and drum major. "


Kevin MacDonald

RCMP H Div Pipes & Drums

Halifax, NS, Canada


I am cross-training to be the alternate Drum Major as required.  I want to get up to speed on pipes & drums as my mace experience was military bands (Air Cadets).   I know they are different and our Pipe Major, Wayne Moug, suggested your wonderful site.  I have just printed off Drum Major MacDonald very helpful manual to assist.   Many thanks for this very helpful site - it is very much appreciated. 


Stanley N. Cornett


Director, Training & Doctrine

US Army School of Music

Ft Story, VA, USA


Because of recent work in drilling US Army marching bands and the relationship to drum majoring I've found the RDMA site very helpful

Robin Wright

1066 Pipes and Drums

Sussex, England


I would like to express my gratitude for the good sense shown in providing such a site as this.  I began my Drum Major-ship in 2002 totally in the dark, so I began to buy and watch as many VT or DVD films of pipe bands.


Now I have had 13 years of military life, but never as a bandsman, purely infantry, so I had enough experience in drill as a person could get, and even as a Drill Instructor.


But as for controlling a Band and Mace Drill, I was a complete novice, but having found this site and scouring these pages and manuals, I have been able to become quite proficient as a civilian Drum Major, and the biggest compliment I have received this month (October 05) whilst on parade, a Scottish gentleman approached me and said, "I spent 12 years as a pipe in the Black Watch, and I have to tell you that you are good a Drum Major as I have seen."  Those few words to me meant I head earned me Stripes.  And, its all thanks to the information gleaned from this site.


THANK YOU.  My advise to any up and coming Civilian Drum Major is make sure your foot drill is of a high standard, and study the information here as there are many Drum Majors here that have a wealth of experience.  USE IT!


Leslie Thomson

Formerly PMaj St Andrews PB, Argentina

Benalmadena, Spain 

I just wanted to mention that while reading:  "A Judge's Tips for Success while Competing at Scottish Games" could very well be "A Judge's Tips for Success at Life."


Very nice web and great information.





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