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Drum Major Manuals:


Fawcett, William (Translator), Regulations for the Prussian Infantry, (1759):  The Espontoon Exercise, Chapter I and II.  Espontoon drill.


Scott, Winfield, Instructions for the Drum Major,  (1835):  An amalgam of Scott's Abstract (1830), Scott's Infantry Tactics (1835), and Cooper's Manual for Volunteers (1836).  Mace (staff) drill.


Rollinson, T.H., The Drum Major's Guide and Leader's Hand-book, (1880):  A complete and concise course of military tactics for the bands of the United States and Canada.  Military baton drill.


Prendiville, Harry, The Band on Parade or Drum Major's Guide, (1916):  Giving all necessary commands and evolutions in Military Tactics.  Military baton drill.


Malstrom, George, The Drum Major's Manual, (1930): Essentially the US Army baton signals of the period by Major Malstrom of the U.S. Army.  Military baton drill.


Henzie, Charles A., Dr. and Merl Smith, Drum Major Manual & Big Ten Football Band Charts, (1970).  College Drum Major manual with sections on basic drill and conducting in addition to baton and whistle signals.


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