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RDMA SCOTTISH COMPETITIONS:  Victoria BC Games 18 May 2014 (Sun Only),    Portland OR Games  18-19 July 2014,    Pleasanton Scottish Games 30-31 August 2014


Welcome to the Regimental Drum Major Association.


Our objective is preserving the heritage, history, pageantry, and fellowship of  Drum Majors.  We provide reference information  to current and aspiring Drum Majors.   Our many downloadable manuals, information, links, and calendar are provided at no cost.  At over 1000 members from 40 countries,  if we don't have the answer we know someone who does.  I am confident that you shall find our site the most comprehensive on the subject. 


Our emphasis is on field music Drum Majors although the information we provide will translate to Drum Majors of any musical unit. 


We encourage you to become a member. There is no cost to you. Members receive our periodic newsletter.  We may also update you on topics or events that you might find useful. 


We hope you enjoy this site and if you have any questions, suggestions, or need research on a related topic,  please contact us.  And if you have information that others might find useful please send it along.  Also we are on Facebook at:                                        http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/23680291744/


Paul E. Olson, President              




RDMA Pipe Band Mace Manual v 3.0

RDMA Pipe Band  Drill Manual v 3.0

RDMA Pipe Band Dress Manual v 2.5

Billy Jordan/RDMA Basic Pipe Band DM Drill -  DVD

D/M Joe MacDonald Pipe Band D/M Manual

D/M John Moon's Staff Manual

VIDEO: Tying a Plaid QOHLDRS  New


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NEWS:  25 Jul 2010  Ox Gara has just been asked to be the lead Drum Major for Pipefest in NYC this year.  DMaj Gara is also writing the whole programme and massed bands set-up.  August 7th is the date!!   New York is the place.   We are setting a record with Guinness for largest massed band on a ship - aboard USS intrepid.  For more info email Ox at OXGARA@aol.com

Quick Fixes:

Issue 2:  Deportment/Drill

All Bands:   Rehearse like you perform and perform like you rehearse:   Adopting this method will reinforce proper drill and deportment.   If one is trained and comfortable on how to conduct themselves during parade, the chances of the deportment being retained while the band is marching behind you is increased.    MORE


Last Post :  Director George N Parks, 17 September 2010


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